Monday, April 23, 2012

Braided Fauxhawk on natural hair...great for little girls/teens/adults!

Hi! :) Back with another style I picked up on Pinterest. I'm starting to feel kindof guilty, like I need to be a little more creative and get back to creating my own styles again. The last style I did on Ally, and Li'l Bit, were both from Pinterest. And the now The Princess is wearing a copycat style as well. But I had been in a styling rut for awhile, so at least some hair is getting done, right!?

Side note: See the laundry basket at the top of the stairs? Its calling me. I'm ignoring it. :)

The fauxhawk part....I had a very difficult time trying to figure out what to do with this part. I'd try something, but after half an hour or so realize I didn't like it, so try something else. Her hair is so thin and fine, its very difficult to get a roll or twist of any sort to stick. I'm actually not so sure I like this either, but it survived the night unscathed, so its a go, at least for now. :)

See that small child? Someone should tell her mother to do her hair. ;)

I like this because it is versatile; you can finish the middle in a variety of ways. (As a matter of fact, I am going to try the same style on Li'l Bit, and hers will be finished quite differently.) I promised The Princess that  toward the end of the week, I would take out the roll and she could rock her fauxhawk wild and free, 'rock star style', as she put it.  I like that the braids are small, so it should last a significant amount of time. I like that it didn't take long to finish, maybe about an hour? I like that she loves it. :)

Here is the style I was attempting to copy:

I just love this!


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