Sunday, September 11, 2011

Product Review: Shea Moisture's Organic Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Ths is my first product review, so I am not quite sure of how I want to layout my reviews. I will probably switch it up a few times until I find something that works for me and is pleasant to the eye for you. :) So please don't  be shy! I am new to this blogging thing, and comments are welcomed with open ears (and eyes?).

Product: Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Habiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Ingredients:  Deionized Water , Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) , Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut) , Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil , Persea Gratissima Oil (Avocado) , Vegetable Glycerin , Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract , Silk Protein , Ammonium Salt , Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil (Neem) , Daucus Carota Sativa Seed Oil (Carrot) , Sorbitol Esters , Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B-5) , Caprylyl Glycol , Essential Oil Blend , Lonicera Caprifolium Flower and Lonicera Japonica Flower Extract (Honeysuckle and Japanese Honeysuckle) , Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Description: (From
Nutrient rich vegetable butters condition hair, restoring moisture, body and shine. Enhances curls, minimizes frizz and provides curl control. For thick, curly hair. Sulfate-free and color-safe.

Natural product, color and aroma may vary.

Made in USA

Where to buy it: I ordered mine from, but they can be found in Walgreens stores and at select Target stores.  I saw these for sale on as well, but I know they were a little  more expensive.

First Impressions:
This product has a great consistency for thicker hair types. I knew right away that it would not work best on The Princess's fine hair, but of course I tried it anyway. The smell is natural, I could smell the shea butter and coconut right away upon opening the jar. The smell is fresh, the husband said it smells like cocoa butter, Li'l Bit said it smells 'like yummy'. It did not leave my hands greasy or sticky.

On Ally's hair:
The Curl Enhancing smoothie did not enhance Ally's curls when I wanted to leave her hair down. It was a little bit too heavy for her type 3a/3b hair, and it weighed her curls down. We like big, bouncy curls so we won't be using it for that purpose on her. It did, however, work very well on her mini box braids to get rid of the frizz and keep them nice and neat after co washing. In just rubbed it into her wet braids from root to end, and they looked almost new at 2 weeks old.

On The Princess's hair:
I was right when I assumed that this product is too thick for The Princess's thin, limp hair. Her 2c hair looked more greasy than moisturized after application. I tried using this product while putting her dry hair into corn braids, and it kept them nice and smooth, frizz free. The braidout afterwards was AMAZING! So great for braids, too heavy for twists or 'out' styles.

On Li'l Bit's hair:
This product states that it is for 'thick, curly hair', and from this family's experience, that is precisely where it had its best effect! I applied this product to Li'l Bit's hair while wet, after using Shea Moisture's hair milk as a leave-in conditioner. I used my fingers to separate medium sections of hair, and gently applied the smoothie with my fingertips. I did not comb or brush her hair, and I tried to manipulate her hair as little as possible during the application. Remember, type 4 hair is the hair that needs the most care, as it frizzes more, breaks easier, and is more prone to drying out and being otherwise damaged than the other hair types. If I had've combed this product through her hair, I would have ended up with a poof, or a 'fro, instead of these delicate little curls. I love me a neat 'fro, but that is not the look we were after today. In short, this product is PERFECT for Li'l Bit's hair, and is definitely a new staple in my hair care arsenal.

I would recommend Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie for braids and cornrows on any hair type. If your hair is wavy or straight, it will probably be a little bit heavy for you, and I would suggest trying something else. (Unless you are going for a braid-out. Its great for braid-outs.) Type 4 curlies will be the most likely to love this product, but it also worked well on my 3c hair to keep my curls in check. 
If you have used this product and would like to share your experience with it, please leave a comment below.

*Note: I bought this product with my own money, and was not compensated in any way for this review.


  1. Very nice review! I love this Smoothie, works great on my tight lil curls :) For finer hair the the SheaMoisture hair milk would probably work better. I haven't tried the hair milk but I have read reviews for those who have finer hair than me.

  2. Thank you Precious! I totally agree that the hair milk works GREAT on finer hair, and my mix-textured hair loves BOTH products. Thanks for reading. :)


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