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Product Review: Blended Beauty's "Happy Nappy Styles"

Natural Hair Butter Cream for Afro Curls and Mixed Hair. Leave-in Conditioner.

I have seen this company's name all over the net, and I have noticed the great results people have acheived from using this line. So of course when I was contacted by Blended Beauty and asked to review a couple of their products and share my results with you all,  I was very excited to do so! I have been using these products as our primary hair care products over the last couple of weeks, do I feel comfortable enough to give a review of not just their immediate effects of our hair, but the short-term effects as well. 

Product: Blended Beauty's Happy Nappy Styles

Ingredients: Aqua (enriched with Aloe Barbadenses and Anthemis Nobolis (Chamomille)), Oryza sativa (rice) bran oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Behentrimonium Methosulfate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Methosulfate (and) Cetyl Alcohol (and) Butylene Glycol, Polysorbate 20, Glycerine, Capryl Isostearate, Soy Lecithin, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Vanilla planifolia, Preservative [Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol and Sorbic Acid], Scent, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) leaf extract, SIlk Powder.

Decription (from packaging): A stlying cream moisturizer for highly textured curls and kinks. Defrizzes and defines. Enriched with Shea Butter.

Where to buy it:

First Impressions:
I was surprised at how quickly I received my package. As usual, Li'l Bit was with me (note: practically on top of me) when I opened the package; she loves when we get new products to try. I opened the jar, and handed it to her to smell. Immediate approval "Mama, this smells so good, like candy!" I look over at her, and her nose is covered in the stuff. (I wish I had've gotten pictures.) Yep, it smells THAT good. It is VERY thick, and silky-feeling.

On Ally (Type 3B):
I like to apply product to Ally's hair while it is almost soaking wet. Otherwise, her hair gets dry and difficult to manage, and her curls start to tangle. Well, for whatever the reason, there was a half hour time lapse between Ally getting out of the shower and her coming to me to 'do' her hair. That means her hair was over 50% dry, and her curls had indeed begun to wrap around themselves and tangle. I decided now was as good of a time as any to REALLY put this product to the test. And test I did.

WHOA!! is all I can say. The Happy Nappy Styles cream made Ally's hair melt, for lack of a better word. It immediately softened her hair, and her curls were shined and silkified. (Ok, I know that's not a word. But thats what it did: It silkified. :) ) Ally had a big function coming up, and we had decided that we would style her hair in a braidout. Pretty brave of me to use a new product on her hair with a major function approaching, right? Well, Blended Beauty did not dissapoint:

Close up of that definition!

This braidout lasted 3 whole days, a personal record for us! And yes, if feels as soft as it looks. (I told you, SILKIFIED!!)  We also used the Happy Nappy Styles cream for wash and gos, and the results were equally as amazing. It defined curls, reduced frizz and shrinkage, and left NO Crunch! This has definitely been added to the 'must have' list for Ally's haircare arsenal.

The Princess (Type 2b): I initially assumed the thickness of this cream would prove to be too much for The Princess's hair. I was right, and wrong. The Happy Nappy Styles cream weighed down her wavy hair and made it appear greasy when I used it to smooth ponytails and buns. No surprise there, the description does state that it is "for highly textured hair, curls and kinks." However, I used it for hold on a three strand twist into bantu knot-out, and the results were beautiful:

Li'l Bit (Type 4a/4b):The results on Li'l Bit's hair are why I never give reviews on immediate results. I initially used this product on Li'l Bit's type 4a natural coils for hold for twists. It provided us with beautiful twists, and a lovely twist-out:
Love that baby's face. :)
After about a week of using this product on Li'l Bit's hair, her scalp had begun to dry out and flake, and her hair had become noticeably drier. Of course, it would be impossible for me to pinpoint the exact reason, or ingredient, that caused these changes to her hair and scalp. But I know my baby's hair does not react well to products with alcohol in them, so I am assuming that is why her hair reacted badly to this product. We have discontinued use and gone back to our products with all natural ingredients, and her hair has returned to its usual soft state.

Summary: Blended Beauty's Happy Nappy styles worked VERY well as a holding product for braidouts, twistouts, and bantu knot outs on all of my children's natural hair. It created an amazing wash and go on Ally's Type 3B curls.

It did, however, prove to be too thick  for The Princess's thin, wavy hair to be used for daily styling. And something in the ingredients (I'm thinking alcohol something) dried out Li'l Bit's hair, and made her scalp flaky.

I would definitely recommend trying this product on curly or kinky hair that is not sensitive to any of the ingredients.

I want to thank Blended Beauty for allowing us to review this product.
Check out their website here.
And their Facebook page here.

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  1. "Silkified!" Lol! I use Blended Beauty too so I know EXACTLY what you mean when you say silkified! I hope more people give it a try :)


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