Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Not-so-Wordless Wednesday...Li'l Bit's first time feeding herself. :)

Happy Wednesday!!
I found these pictures the other day, while I was scrap booking with Ally.
Li'l Bit was about 6 months old, and I decided that I was going to allow her to feed herself for the first time. I strapped her in, put her food on the table and left the room for all of 30 seconds to get my camera. This is what I found when I returned:

She also decided that she would feed herself for the first time that day. :)

Guess I placed the food a little bit too close to her.

But mmmmmm, it was sooo good!
I miss that. Sorry for the Not-so-Wordless Wednesday. I guess this was more for me than you. But I hope you enjoyed it too.

How old were your children when they started feeding themselves?



  1. Love it!! She was going to town! Glad you got pics.

  2. cute. My son is 14 months and he feeds himself a lot of things, but he still needs help with a lot too or he would look like that ^ ...great photos.

  3. OH, I remember the days of having tye feed hisself, everybody thought i was crazy...

  4. She's gorgeous and EATING!! HAHA!! Love it!!


  5. hahahaha!!! Cute!!!! (Q was older when we started her on solids, and 'unfortunately' used a spoon and fork pretty easily right from the beginning, so I don't have these awesome cute messy food baby pics! <3 )

  6. She is so cute! Like her beautiful eyes..My daughter was about her age:)

    Visiting for Wordless Wednesday! Hope you can stop by:)


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