Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Police Officers Arrested and Charged With Deprivation of Rights after Targeting Latinos.

Four police officers from East Haven, CT were arrested today in a federal racial profiling case. The indictment charges them with conspiracy against rights, deprivation of rights, and obstruction. According to NBCConnecticut.com, "The indictment says that some of the officers routinely kept patrol cars in front of Latino-owned businesses and stopped Latino customers who were entering or leaving the businesses, towed their cars and arrested or detained them."

I find this to be incredibly shameful and disheartening. This community has been putting up with this for a very long time, and many complaints were made, then ignored; evidence covered up.The very people that were supposed to serve and protect the residents of East Haven ended up being the ones that mistreated them and deprived them of their rights.  I hope this investigation helps draw to light an ugly truth that many of us face everyday: Racial Profiling is real. It does exist, and it is ugly, embarrassing, and harmful.

I want to make an important point that the actions of these officers certainly do not speak for the department as a whole. I have friends and acquaintances on the East Haven police department, and I know for sure that in this case, a few bad apples does not spoil the bunch.

Have you experienced racial profiling?

Do you think racial profiling happens more often than it is recognized?

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  1. I truly believe it happens more than it is talked about! My daughters's father is constantly watched when we're in a "white area" of town. It really disgusts me that people are judged by the color of their skin or based on their ethnicity...


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