Thursday, December 1, 2011

Half updo style on box braids, and update. (Day 10)

Today marks the 11th day that Ally has been wearing her box braids. This is the longest that I can remember her going without washing her hair, and she is just starting to complain of an itchy scalp. I had planned on co-washing her braids this weekend anyway, so a couple of extra days won't hurt. Just a few more notes regarding Ally's box braids since our last update on the box braids:

  • Ally has been remembering (or I have been remembering to remind her) to wear her sleeping cap every night, AND IT HAS BEEN STAYING ON!! I got the cap from Sally's, and it is the first one that has worked for us.
  • Ally has swim class now, so there is the matter of the style ruining protecting swim cap. Yeah. The swim cap.
  • On day 8, I moisturized her braids with Bee Mine's Luscious Curly Moisturizer. I just rubbed it down her braids with my hands.
  • We have been styling her braids minimally. As with any style, the more you manipulate box braids, the less 'fresh' they look.
And on day 10, (yesterday) I indulged myself with a little styling session on the box braids. Ally and I were way excited to try out some new styles on them.

All I did for this style was take half of her box braids, pull them up toward the center of her head, do a little twist and I secured it there with bobby pins. The night before, I put her hair into 3 corn rows to give her hair the 'crimpled' effect.

As much as I pinned, that one little curly guy in the front just would not stay back!
(I asked her to smile. This is what she gave me. She was really trying to get back to her new book)

I hope you enjoyed this post. Comments are always welcome! :)


  1. Still looking good after a week and a half! Great job!

  2. Ooh, I love this style! Lovely! Braids still look great!

  3. Wow! Her braids look great and I really like that fallen braid in the front. It reminds me of that nursery rhyme "there was a little girl, with a little curl right in the middle of her forehead" :-)

  4. Thanks ladies!
    @Nikki, You are right! It is kindof cute. :)


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