Friday, November 25, 2011

Update, and new style on box braids. (Day 5)

Ally has had her box braids in for 5 days now, and they are holding up nicely. We love that they are so low maintenance. As a matter of fact, other than sleeping with her nightcap on, we had not done ANYTHING with them up until today. I am not even sure we will have to co-wash them this weekend like I had originally planned. Her scalp is not itchy, and her hair does not look dirty at all. See?

The braids are looking a little frizzy in this picture. But they are not. I'm not really sure why they look this way...

The first style we have done with her box braids is just a simple flat twist to the side with a pretty flower clip. Next week, I intend on trying some more elaborate styles on them, but I decided to give her a break from styling this week. Those box braids took a LONG time to put in, so a break was much needed for myself, Ally, and her hair.

Stay tuned for more box braids updates! :)


  1. Ally's braids look great! Don't you HATE when you know the hair doesn't look fuzzy, but pictures show otherwise lol

  2. I know what you mean about the camera being deceiving. Ally's box braids look wonderful. Take a break and enjoy it.

  3. Her box braids looked great...I love box braids!


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