Saturday, October 22, 2011

A weekend hairstyle, and some dancing!

Today is Saturday, which means our mornings are spent running around to and  from gymnastics, dance class, and other various groups/clubs. So  I gave Li'l Bit a weekend hairstyle last night....something simple  that she can wear until Monday, when I will (hopefully) have time to wash and style her hair for the week.

I tried to take pictures of her hairstyle, but Li'l Bit was not in a sitting still kind of mood.No surprise there. Li'l Bit is rarely in a sitting still kind of mood. But I did get one picture of her hair:

The picture is bery blurry, but like I said, she was not sitting very still. But we were getting ready for gymnastics, the music was on, and she WAS in the mood to dance. So that's what she did:

She was getting down! Guess what song was on?!

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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