Friday, October 21, 2011

10 minute hairstyle....2 braids into a high pony

Actually, this style took about 5 minutes, because that's all the time we had. Something about a dog and a 4 year old and running and clocks being unplugged and no one know, life stuff :) So the braids on this style could be better, but I made up for the poor braiding by adding a homemade bow to make The Princess happy. She loves anything mommy makes her. :) Anywho, this is how The Princess wore her hair to school today:

ouch! I just noticed how bad that part is. I know there are some part perfectorers are going to cringe looking at that. But she looked gorgeous none-the-less.
This is actually on of our favorite go-to hairstyles when we are crunched for time. If you need me to explain how to do it, let me know. :)

As always, comments are appreciated. If you like what you see, please pass along our name!


  1. Honestly I didn't even notice the part lol! Very cute style!

  2. Aww very pretty! I did something like this week,But I put the braids into pigg tails!

  3. I didn't even notice the part, either! I'm awful at parts anyway. This is really cute and I love the bow

  4. The part looks just fine! I love that all your daughters have different hair because it's easier to find styles that might work for someone else :D


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