Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lunchbox Tuesdays

Good Morning! (or afternoon, or evening...depending on when you read this.)

In my home, we are big on nutrition. I try to make sure my family is eating a healthy, balanced diet full of vitamins and nutrients, and low in sugar, salt, fat and artificials. We go with homemade as often as possible, and always try to buy in season fruits and veggies from local orchards and farms that are pesticide free. So once in awhile I will be posting recipes for natural products/food that we enjoy in my home; hopefully you will find them helpful in yours as well.

Today, I wanted to spotlight the lunchbox. I know for some parents, it is a struggle to fill a lunchbox with food that is nutritious and something your kids will eat. :) More and more, schools are putting restrictions on foods that can be brought into the building. (My girls' old school did not allow peanut products at all. There were children with airborne allergies that would go into anaphylactic shock  if they even SMELLED peanuts.)

A well balanced lunch should have a grain, (preferably whole wheat or whole grain), fruit and/or vegetable, dairy or dairy substitute, protein, and as little sugar as possible. If you are aware of how much sugar is in food nowadays, you know that last part is not so easy. (Did you know that a serving size of Welch's Grape Jelly has more sugar in it than a serving size of Coco Puffs Brownie Crunch Cereal? Betcha didn't. Those of you that  make your own jelly probably aren't surprised though.)

I thought I would start a new portion of my blog, called "Tuesday's Lunchbox" where I will  share with you all what is in my kids' lunchbox for the day. Maybe I will be able to give you ideas on how to spice up the ordinary brown bag lunch a bit. I also hope you will share with us what your kids are eating, I for one am always looking for more ideas. :)

The Princess's lunch today:

  • A banana dog, her favorite! (a hot dog bun with  peanut butter and low-sugar jelly and a banana. Looks like a hot dog, but fills the requirement for grain, protein, and fruit.) Yesterday The Princess got an A+  on a test, so I am surprising her with some chocolate chips on her  banana dog, 'glued' on with a little more peanut butter. (So much for low sugar, lol)
  • A fat free yogurt. We do not use the kids' yogurt because most of them are too full of sugar, and  some misrepresent themselves and are not actually yogurt  at all.....you have to read the labels.)
  • Baby carrots
  • Bottle of water.
Filling, nutritious, and yummy!
I hope you enjoyed this post. Feedback is oh so appreciated.

What is in your child's lunchbox today?


  1. my daughter would love this but they can't have peanut butter at school, we'd have to substitute it with almond butter.

    i would love to feature you on my blog sometimes on my "meal plan monday" feature. =)

  2. Thank you for the invite, Shay! I would love to be featured on your blog. I love your Meal Plan Mondays. :)

  3. Oooh, I bet my son would love that banana dog! And that is my favorite flavor yogurt, I eat it for breakfast.

  4. @Nikki, its her favorite too! She always asks for the 'cake yogurt', lol. And I got the recipe off of Nickolodeon. The crazy animal that makes all the fun snacks. Its The Princess's favorite lunch by far. :)


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