Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Just LOVE getting free stuff!

I got a card in the mail from Sally's telling my it is time to renew my membership. It said if I renewed in November, I would get a free product by Silk Elements. The membership costs $5 for the year. and right away they give you a coupon for $5 off of a $5 purchase in the store, so it already pays for itself. The free product was a nice extra!

Anywho, I found this new (to me) Silk Element sub label(?) called Mixed Silk. It says "Natural Curls for Natural Girls" on the front label. I was very happy to find something for natural hair that I could use my FREE coupon on, and the reviews for the product were great! I am thinking that Ally will be the first one to try this new product, since I am taking her braids out this weekend and told her she could wear her hair out for a week.

Does anyone have any experience with this product? Comment below and let me know what hair type you used it on and how it worked for you! I will be giving a product review just as soon as I get to try it on all 3 of my girls. :)

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