Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The not so happy twist-out

OK, so maybe its me that is not so happy. I did not re twist her hair last night like I meant to. And she decided to sleep on a pillowpet instead of her satin pillowcase. (Even after I reminded her to.) So this is not a happy twist-out. I mean, its OK, and it certainly added some nice volume and texture to The Princess's hair. But this certainly does not go on my list of top 5 best twist-outs. Or even top 10. And because the definition is not so good, by the time she gets home her hair will undoubtedly look more like a lion's mane than a Princess's crown and glory. But I digress. So I am posting these pics because I said I would, not because I am particularly proud of the outcome.

But The Princess is WAY happy to have her hair out for the day, and she does look adorable (Though I am a bit biased.) So I guess all is not lost. :)

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