Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lunchbox Tuesdays-salad with roasted chicken

I haven't been doing anything too special with lunches lately, thus the absense of this feature. Recently, Ally has decided that she is too old for most our 'fun' lunches, like the peanut butter and jelly sushi rolls and the banana hot dog. (My baby is growing up! *tears*) She was tiring of sandwiches every day and wanted salads, but there is no refrigeration , so the lettuce always ended up wilted and sweaty (gross).

While in Target 2 weeks ago, we happened upon the tupperware aisle, where we found these cool containers that keep the salad cold and fresh all day. Ally loved it so much that she has been requesting salad 3-4 times a week since she got it. Kids asking for fruits and veggies!? Score!

For lunch today, she used her cool new salad container filled with romaine and iceburg lettuce (for crunch), broccolli, and shredded carrots. I tossed it with leftover chicken from last night's roasted chicken dinner. Teamed up with a yogurt, a couple of cookies, and a water bottle, and you've got a complete meal full of yumminess!

I wanted to show you all the cool parts of this container. The green top goes in the freezer and acts as an ice pack to  keep everything cold and crisp! Then there is the mini container for dressing. Cool, huh?!

Here it is all put together.

What did your kids eat for lunch today?


  1. oooo that is a really neat container! that's awesome that she's requesting salads. my daughter loves salad too so i'll have to keep this in mind for when she goes back to school!

  2. Yum, what a great school lunch! Love that container, I'm gonna have to visit target!

  3. That is a great idea! Yaya, hasn't taken salad in a while. I am constantly trying to come up with new lunch ideas. Yaya's very picky! My hubby bought her a couple of lunchables the other day, but she will not take them anymore because she has been complaining for a while that she is sick of them. She is also getting sick of sandwhiches again. A couple weeks ago I bought the sweet hawaiian mini bread rolls and made sanwhiches for her with those to give her a different taste.

    1. OOOh what a good idea, switching up the kind of bread you use for sandwiches! We always use plain old wheat or whole grain bread.....mini sandwiches are officially on my to-do list for lunches! Thanks for the idea. :)


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