Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review: adjustable headband from Jazzed Bow-tique Creations

Adjustable headband from Jazzed Bow-tique Creations, brown color.

First impressions:
The very first thing I noticed about this headband is the piece that makes is adjustable. It is a plastic piece that the two ends of the headband slide into, allowing you to control the size of the headband simply by pulling more or less of the ends through the holes. I thought this was a great idea, so seemingly simple, but I would have never thought of it myself. I also love the fabric that he headband is made with. I chose a brown one, and the color is absolutely gorgeous; it matches a lot of outfits in my girls' closets. The material  has a beautiful, silky smooth texture to it, but it is not flimsy, which is important when your girls are rough like mine.

As with every other review I have done, I tested this product on all of my girls. The Princess got to try it out first:

I used the headband to tame flyaways on The Princess's 4 day old braid out. Because of it's silky texture, it served that purpose well, and it looked adorable. However, when I picked The Princess up from school, the headband was around her neck..she said it wouldn't stay on. I thought that might happen, with the headband being so smooth and her hair also being quite fine and silky. None-the-less, I decided to give the headband one more shot on The Princess' hair.

When I picked her up on day 2, she handed me this:

In her own words, the headband slipped off a 'gazzillion' times, so she thought if she tightened the headband, it would stay on. Then her hair got caught in the plastic piece. And it ripped right on out. Obviously, the headband, as pretty as it is, will not be going back in The Princess's hair.

Next , it was Li'l Bit's turn:


 I figured I would not have the same issue with Li'l Bit's hair because her hair texture is courser, so the headband would probably not slide off as much. I was right. The headband stayed put in Li'l Bit's hair; and again, it looked adorable. I used it in Li'l Bit's hair while it was in braids, (above) and while it was all out in a 'fro. The only downside is that because her hair is so short, you can see the plastic piece in the back a times.

On Ally's hair, (I did not get pictures) the headband worked wonders at taming the frizzies in her 20 day old box braids. Her hair did not get tangled in it, and she loved the way it looked.

I want to thank Jade from Jazzed-Bowtique Creations for sending us this beautiful headband for review. I encourage you all to check out  her Etsy shop and 'like' her on Facebook. She has many other great items for sale, including some beautiful tutus. She also does custom orders

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