Thursday, September 22, 2011

Li'l Bit's new cornrows

Ok, so I know my cornrows need work. It was first time attempting braids this small on Li'l Bit's hair. But I think it looks kindof cute :) And Li'l Bit was happy that I let her decorate it with the pretties of her choice. And this style should last awhile. So all in all, I am happy with it.

For this style, I started on dry hair (not freshly washed, she has worn her hair out for a few days). I spritzed her hair with a mixture of water and olive oil, then used Shea moisture Cul Milk mixed with Organics Twist and Lock Gel on each parted section while braiding. There are rubber bands under the bows on each side, I was afraid her hair wouldn't hold without them.

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