Tuesday, September 20, 2011

LI'l Bit has a hair idol!

After posting 'Mommy my hair is broken, it wont stay down!', I I started looking for ways to help my baby learn to appreciate the beautiful, healthy, thick hair that she has been blessed with.  Enter beadsbraidsbeyond, from whom I acquire endless inspiration for my children's hair (and my own). The other day, she posted this article about Aevin Dugas winning the title of Guinness World Record's largest Afro. Then it hit me. My baby has no hair idol. How can you love and appreciate your natural hair if you can't recognize its potential? Li'l Bit is the only 'type 4' girl in the house, and while all of her paternal aunts are natural, they are mostly dreaded and twisted...my baby has never seen an awesome 'fro.

So when I saw this amazing article about this amazing head of hair, I called Li'l Bit over and showed it to her. She surprised me by immediately responding with "Mommy, that hair is so beautiful! I want my hair to look like THAT!" I was so happy, I could have seriously cried. I actually printed out  picture of the woman that is teaching my child to love her hair, and hung it above Li'l Bit's bed. Li'l Bit officially has a hair idol!

This all took place on Sunday, 2 days after I braided Li'l Bit's hair for the week. Well, Monday morning, she came downstairs with her sleeping cap off, and half of her hair unbraided. She had started taking out her hair so I could give her a 'fro. While I was extremely frustrated that all of my hard work had been ruined so soon, I was very happy to help her make her hair look like 'the pretty lady in the picture'. Isn't this great!?


We are not even close to having the world's largest 'fro at this point. I mean, we are just working with a li'l bit of hair. But if her new found love for her natural hair continues to grow (and I intend to see that it does) then who knows? Maybe you all will be reading about Li'l Bit having the world's largest 'fro sometime in the future. (Although I may have to think of something else to call her then.) 

Does anyone else have a hair idol? I would love to see links and pictures if you can!

(Aevin Dugas)


  1. Aww, her fro is gorgeous! I'm glad that now she's learned to accept her "hair that defies gravity" :)

  2. @ Nikki-thank you!
    Precious-YES!! love the hair that defies gravity!


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