Friday, June 22, 2012

Fauxhawk style with beads and bangs on natural hair

I can't tell you how many compliments we got on this style. Li'l Bit, of course, was feeling too full of herself with her bangs (which she always loves) and beads (for which she chose the pattern).

The pattern of the beads was blue, blue, blue, star...or something similar. While I worked on the braids, Li'l Bit had the very important responsibility of placing the beads on the beader. 

Ok, so here is hot we did this:
On freshly washed and properly moisturized hair, I made a "V" shaped part in the front of the head, the point of the "V" towards the crown of the head. Because Li'l Bit's hair is short (shoulder length when stretched), braiding the hair into this shape made the perfect length bangs:

I then made a part down the middle of my daughter's head, sort of extending from the point of the "V". I braided from the sides toward the center, but I made the braids in a sort of brick pattern. That is, the braids on the left and right sides of her head did not meet in the middle, they were on slightly different levels. Its hard to see in the pictures, but braiding this way makes the center look 'fuller' and makes it less difficult to see the parts.

Just for fun, on every other braid, I added beads to the cornrows. To do this, I just cornrowed the hair until I was at the point where I wanted the bead to be. Then I stopped braiding, slid the bead on, and continued braiding where I left off.

Because I am afraid of damaging her ends, I always try not to leave beads in Li'l Bit's hair for more than 3 or 4 days at a time. Life happened, and these stayed in for 6 days. When I removed them, (just the ones on the ends) I co-washed her hair and left the braids in for another 4 days before removing the loose braids (not the cornrows) and she rocked a true fauxhawk, with free hair in the middle. It was gorgeous, total rock star status. :) Unfortunately, I did not get around to taking pictures of her hair after I removed the beads. But she loved the entire style, and so did I.

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