Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tween Style-Cornrowed updo from 'The Hunger Games'

Over the past few months, Ally has become more independent with her hair, and has pretty much taken over caring for, and styling her hair. Once or twice a week, I will give it a good detangling/moisturizing; other than that, its been all her.

Wash and go, with clips to take the hair off her face. Classic style, but not so great for everyday wear.

Unfortunately, that means a lot of braid outs, wash and gos and ponytails, because that is really all Ally knows how to do with her hair. I am constantly offering to style her hair, but she always adamantly declines, stating that she no longer wants 'braided styles' or 'elaborate designs'. I understand where these changes are coming from; most of Ally's friends at school wear their hair down most of the time, and while she wants to be 'different', she doesn't want to stand out TOO much.

While I am proud that she is independent enough to know what she wants, and while she has been doing a great job caring for her own hair, I think the occasional protective hairstyle is necessary to give her hair a styling break and help is retain some moisture long term. So I have been scouring the Internet for inspiration; styles that are both simple and mature-ish (to satisfy Ally) and at least semi protective (to satisfy me.) This has proven to be a not so easy task; most styles I present to her and met with a grunt and the rolling of eyes.

Then I found this gorgeous hairstyle on Pinterest:

And when I watched the tutorial, it mentioned that this style was worn in The Hunger Games, I knew I had a shot at it being approved. Ally read all of the books before there was even talk of a movie, and the obsession  fad has become big enough in my house that it may arguably be as worshipped liked as Twilight.(Gasp!) Yep, its THAT serious. Anywho, the style was approved (yay!) and here is our rendition of it:

BTW: This was my first time french braiding. How'd I do?

She loved the way it looked, and I loved the fact that it kept her hands out of her hair for 4 days. If you are interested in doing this, its just two french braids with the ends tucked in and over each other and secured with bobby pins. Confused? Click the Pinterest picture and watch the video. :)


  1. Love it! It's beautiful! So elegant. Shoot, that may be my Easter 'do!

  2. This style is very beautiful! I might try it on Yaya, if she agrees to it! ;o) lol


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