Thursday, March 8, 2012

Battle of the Wash and Go :)

Good morning, Curlies!
Today is the second day of a wash and go for me, and I wanted to do a quick post showing the difference between the first and second day of wash and go's on my hair. I have said in the past that I prefer second day wash and go, so I figured I'd show you the difference:

Wash and go day 1

Wash and go day 2

The quality of the pictures isn't great, I took them myself on my cell phone. But you get the idea! Look at the fullness of day 2's wash and go. I love it!

Do you allow your wash and go's to go for more than a day? On which day of  a wash and go does your hair look it's best?


  1. I like D's hair on the 2nd day of a wash n go/braid out/twist out...too...they do get bigger and fuller with time.

  2. I like my wash n go's on day 2 better :)


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