Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reader Review: WEN Haircare Products


I am sure by now, most of us have heard of WEN products, and some of you may have tried them. The commercials certainly make the products seem enticing enough to give them a try. Deschaine, a reader of Different Kinds of Curls, has tried the shampoo and conditioner and written about her experiences with the products. Here is what she had to say:
"Just to start off with a little history of myself, when I was living with my grandmother (from age 12-20), she kept my hair natural & healthy until my hair reached down to the middle of my back. When I went into the USAF, I messed up my long hair with a relaxer & after trying multiple stylists to attempt to repair it, I decided this year (07/2011) to go back natural. My last relaxer when given in March & in July, I did my first big chop. I still had about 2 inches of perm left on my ends, so I got my "final chop" in September.

In search of how to manage my natural hair, I picked up the book "Curly Like Me", which taught me how & what to do/use in my hair. Well, out of curiosity I decided to order WEN to see if what the commercial presented was true. The commercial stated that after the first try, you should notice an amazing difference in the way your hair looks and feels. My first time, however, made my hair feel like a brittle-pad & my curls were completely OPPOSITE of defined. I thought maybe I'd see if a couple of tries would make it better, but after 4 more washes, I still found myself having to add moisture back into my hair, SMH.  And to add insult to injury, they tell you on TV that the price is $29.99+S&H, but what you find out later is that you actually will have to pay 3 payments of $29.99+S&H over a period of 3 months for a "90 day" supply.

Conclusion: I have returned the product & am waiting on my money to be refunded. It's too expensive and you can get better results with the regular shampoo/conditioner you buy out of Sally's or any other hair store. Of course, everyone's entitled to try this product for themselves and see, but hopefully you'll take my advice & save your money... it's really NOT worth it. Also, I just found a product called "As I Am" in Sally's to try, which contains no-sulfates & made of natural ingredients...haven't used it yet, but will definitely post my opinion once I do."

We are very appreciative of Deshaine for writing such a thorough, honest review, and we anticipate the review of the "As I Am" products as well. I have not personally had a chance to try WEN products, but I would love to hear from those of you who have. Have you used WEN, or do you plan to? How about 'As I Am'? Weigh in and tell us about your experiences.

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