Friday, December 2, 2011

A Li'l Bit of box braids, and some Princess Flair

Please try not to mind the leftover ice cream on my child's forehead....someone should tell her mother to do something about that. :P

Ally has box braids, and Li'l Bit wanted them too. Now, let me tell you something about box braids in Li'l Bit's hair: They curl. I mean, her hair is all actin' like it doesnt know its in braids and either: A) sticks up all over the place in no random order, Medusa-style, or B) Curls up op into itself and sticks to her head...and stays there, like it is hanging on for dear life.

I have tried twisting the braids, (You know, like into flat twists and the similar.)but Li'l Bit's hair is so short and sparse that it is nearly impossible to try and get the braids to reach each other for proper twists. So what happens is that the box braids end up being a lot less than the protective style I intended for them to be, because I hang incredibly heavy barrettes from the ends of them to prevent her from looking like this:


Or similar. But I digress.

So I decided to oblige Li'l Bit and give her box braids, and boy was I surprised at how long her hair has gotten! You may remember from Li'l Bit's first length check, that I do not do length checks. (Well, I did, but just that one time. I explain it better in that post. Check it out if you missed it.) So I really had no idea that her hair had grown so much, and I was happy that her hair was actually behaving more like she would like it to. I have no problem with crazy-braids-flinging-themselves-all-over-the-place, but Li'l Bit sees what her sister's hair looks like, and is disappointed when she requests box braids, thinking they will look like this:

And they end up looking like Mr. Coolio above.  But, like I said, her hair grew! And it grew a LOT! So much, in fact, that there was no need to put lots of heavy things on the bottom of her hair to way her braids down. She did want pretties, though, so on day 3, I attached some of those little snappy things that are meant to be used in the place of rubber bands to hold beads in place. I'm sure y'all know what I mean. :)

Then, because Li'l Bit was looking all cute in her box braids and her cute little outfit that she picked out herself, I tried to get a photo shoot out of her. But Li'l Bit was in a different kind of mood, and this is what I got instead:

Yep, that was it. No smiling, no holding still, just a look that says "Hurry up mom, we're gonna be late for Story Time at the library." But isn't she just adorable? And I am taking the braids out right now, after a little over a week in.

Happy Friday!


  1. Oh Li'l Bit looks sooooo stinking cute! I love the box braids in her hair--the photo shoot is too much lol

  2. Hi, new follower via Sit and Relax weekend hop


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