Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spotlight on Small Businesses: (a review)

Well, I think the title says it all. I am absolutely adamant about supporting small businesses whenever possible, and I know that I am not the only one. I am going to start shining the spotlight on family-friendly small businesses, in hopes to enlighten and encourage everyone to 'help out the little guy', if you will. My first Spotlight on Small Businesses will shine on description, from their website:
 "Bowsnappers allow you to mix & match colors and patterns for a new look everyday! No more wishing to remove a color or change a pattern! Simply unsnap and snap to get a new look. It is now easier than ever to match your outfit or to express yourself! Snap your masterpiece to ponytail holders, french barrettes, alligator clips, headbands, beanies, socks, bags, bears and more! The possibilities are endless and fun!"

My opinion:

My girls and I have had our bowsnappers for about 3 months now, and from the moment we opened our package, we were in love! The package came in the mail while my older 2 girls were at school, so Li'l Bit and I had a chance to play with them for awhile by ourselves. And play we did! We spent over an hour snapping and unsnapping the bows and flowers and clips and headbands, creating different styles, mixing and matching them to her outfit. I love the versatility bowsnappers give you in terms of styling. Not only do they have many different colors and sizes to choose from, but they have a lot of different-style bows as well. I mean, they have jingle snappers (I'm thinking Christmas appropriate here), San Iro snappers, butterfly snappers, cross snappers, streamers, sports snappers, and the list goes on. I literally spent a few hours on their website playing around with ideas and coming up with different combinations before I ordered. Maybe I shouldn't have admitted that out loud, but when you get over to their website, you will see what I mean. :)

The pieces are all durable, I have not had anything fall apart on me, and Li'l Bit plays with these. And Li'l Bit is rough on things. Very rough.

Here are some of the styles we have done with bowsnappers:

You can see how we have been able to change them up and use the bows in different ways to create so many different looks. I am incredibly happy with our bowsnappers, and we will definitely be purchasing more bows to add to our collection. I am eyeing their new Christmas collection right now, actually. :)

I have made it a goal of mine to purchase as many holiday gifts from small/home businesses as possible this year. is on my list to buy from.

If you know of, or own a small business that you would like to see  put in the spotlight, send me an email with information you think is pertinent, (ie:business name and website, charities contributed to, business type, etc) along with an explanation of why you think that business should be in the spotlight. I am really hoping to make this a success, so please recommend away!

**I purchased my bowsnappers with my own money, and was not paid in any way for this post, or my opinions, which are my own.**


  1. those are cool, I've never heard of anything like this before.

  2. What a great idea! Tons of possibilities with those bows


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