Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mommy's first 'fro. :)

Yesterday, the girls and I were discussing afros, and the different textures of hair that were capable pof 'froing. Then, for some reason, the topic of me and an afro came up. The girls all started talking about how they would love to see me pick my hair into a 'fro then put it up on the blog. (Actually, they were chanting. Literally, lol.)  So because I am a good sport, (and I was outnumbered) I did it.......

Please ignore the makeup-less face, and the fact that I looked like death warmed over. That not the point. The point is that this is my first time sporting  a fro...ever. And It felt kindof cool. Freeing, actually. And really, really BIG. haha! I will probably never do it again, it just isnt me. But it is nice to know that I could sport an amazing afro, if I wanted to. :)


  1. You look amazing! I love your big ol' fro!

  2. Naturally beautiful!!! No make up and all!

  3. Thank you ladies for that boost of confidence. I looked at the post again and was like, :I cant believe I put that picture of myself up there like that." haha! But its me. And I appreciate you all. :)


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