Sunday, November 6, 2011

Li'l Bit's first length request. (And first time using Kinky-Curly)

Ok, so I think this may be hard to believe for a lot of people, but I don't do length checks. Honestly, I don't think length is all that important when it comes down to it with curlies. Curls are supposed to shrink. I love curls, and shrinkage just comes along with having healthy curls. I like seeing how healthy my girls' curls are, I like to stretch the curls and watch them spring back, and I love feeling their hair and seeing how soft it is. It never occurred to me to do a length check, but a Facebook 'like'er inquired the other day about the length of Li'l Bit's hair, and I did get curious to see how what the difference would be between a stretched-out piece of hair and the rest of her curls. So I decided to post a few pictures. :)

Her hair with Kinky Curly products. First time using them on her hair. I am very pleased. I sense a product review coming soon. :)

Hair was ALMOST dry in this picture.
Dancing. If you know Li'l Bit, you know there is ALWAYS dancing. :)

Ok now, the stretch.......(length check...This was after her hair had completely dried) Look at all those beautiful, healthy coils! LOVE this head of hair. :)

And now, just because I am one proud momma, some gymnastics pics from earlier that day. :)

(She was looking over to make sure I was watching, lol. Of course I'm watching, baby!!

Length checks are not something we are going to get into the habit of doing. Like I said, I don't put emphasis on the length of hair at all. After all, Li'l Bit's hair grows out and up...not down. I think if I were to make a big deal about length, she would be more likely to want her hair straight to see that length. So instead of comments like "Look how long your hair has gotten!" we say things like "Look at all this thick, healthy, beautiful hair."

I hope you all enjoyed this post. :)


  1. Love it!! Lil Bit is so cute! I like how you focus more on the hair's health than it's length. Although growing hair is a sign that it is being cared for properly, it isn't always easy to see that length due to the shrinkage. Great post :)

  2. Thank you Precious! I know thats one way to tell that her hair is healthy. I kindof just judge by the sheen, manageability, and breakage. If her hair remains soft and easy to manage, with little breakage, then I know what we are using/doing is working. If her hair becomes dry and brittle, or I notice a lot of breakage, I know I have to change something. I think that is a great topic for another post! Thanks for the idea. :)

  3. I agree with you and precious. lil bits is such a pretty girl :) Love her poses and her hair looks fabulous

  4. First, I love lil bit's outfit! Second, I like your decision to not place too much emphasis on length. I just cut gdl's hair pretty short and i was so happy that number 1 she requested a haircut, #2 she was so happy with her new short hair, and #3 that (so far) she's not a "slave to length" thinking that hair is only beautiful if it's long. she's almost anti-long hair favoring a "matilda" haircut over a "rapunzel" haircut. ok, nuff about me, lol also... i love lil bit's legwarmers :)

  5. I'm with you and all of the comments above, it's all about the health of the hair. I've never measured my daughter's hair. I've done length pics because I get surprised at how long her hair is lol. I love the gymnastics pics of Li'l Bit, she is too adorable!


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