Monday, October 17, 2011

Week old hairstyle....and some Princess flair.

I may not have been posting,  but I have been doing hair. With 3 girls, I am ALWAYS doing hair. I wanted to share The Princess's hairstyle for the past week before I take it out. It is frizzy and full of glitter, because The Princess's hair easily frizzes, and because glitter magically and randomly appears on her all the time.

Also, I wanted to start something new that I think is kindof fun. My girls have amazingly unique sense of styles, and sometimes they come up with these outfits that some parents would be embarrassed to take their children out in. But I support their individuality, and as long as the clothes are clean and weather appropriate, I allow them to express themselves. (They wear uniforms to school, and I kindof guide them when we are going somewhere nice.) I am going to call these posts "Princess Flair." Here is today's Princess Flair, and the Princess's beaded hairstyle:

(Gotta love the poses)
(Not sure how I feel about Betty Boop, but grandma bought them so she is allowed to wear them after school. The Princess loves that they are so pink. :)
Now onto the hair:

I hope you enjoyed this post, please pass our name along!
Also, if you have pictures of your own princess showing off her flair,and you would like to share them, send me an email or post them to our facebook page.


  1. Love the princess flair! Loving how your put the beads inside the braids too!

  2. I love her dimples!!! and the style's really cute too =)


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