Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inspired Style, a fauxhawk, a banquet, and a VERY proud mommy. :)

Ally is involved in many, many clubs and sports. I think it is important to give children ways to channel their energies positively, and to teach them to keep themselves occupied without getting into trouble. Bored children are problem children, I think. One of the groups she belongs to is called 'Young Civic Learners', and today her group was invited to and mentioned during an honorary banquet held to honor people who have contributed to the community and inspired young people to strive for excellence and greatness. This was a VERY big deal, with the mayor, state representatives, the news, and radio stations there. She was the youngest person at the banquet, and ya'll know momma had to hook her hair up! :)

Enter inspired style. I saw this style done on one of my favorite go-to blogs for inspirations, Goldilocks n Me. I loved the simplicity of the style, and decided that I needed to make it into an updo. Ally is in love with fauxhawks, so I thought, why not a fancy fauxhawk for the banquet?

So she co washed her hair with Herbal Essense's Hello Hydration. She finger detangled her hair and I helped her apply Kinky Curly's knot today to her hair by sections, combing it through. The rest is pretty easy to figure out, we used some Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to her hair where it needed extra hold. The ends were braided and the braids twirled and secured with bobby pins. I hope that explains it.

Enough talking already! On to the pictures!

My baby is so beautiful. :)

 Ally and I at the banquet.
Ally insisted on taking this shot of me. I HATE bathroom pics, but since I did it to her.....:)

We had a blast, and it was a really good experience for the both of us. Ally was complimented on her hair several times tonight, which made us both proud. But I was already proud. She does that to me everyday. :)


  1. you both look so beautiful =)

  2. Awww, she's beautiful!! What an exciting event, and of course the hair is on point ;) Thanks so much for the shout out! This is one of my very favorite styles...

  3. Oh this style looks great--you did a fabulous job! I love the hair accessories on her faux hawk. You both look beautiful :-)

  4. You both look great!!! Love both yours and her hair!!!


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