Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Princess's braidout

This morning, The Princess's braids were looking a little too frizzy for my liking, so I decided that a nice braidout may be in order for today. Even though it's raining, so by the time she gets home her 'braidout' is more likely to be a 'puff out'. But we love big hair in this house, so all is well either way. :)

Can I just tell you how much I really LOVE this kid?!


  1. Aww what an adorable little girl!! My 6 yo's hair is about this length when dry, but she has curls everywhere! But it looks like it's the same texture of your little girls. Did you add any additional product when taking the braids out?

  2. OMGosh! Look at that smile in the last picture, I love it! She is adorable and I love her flower band.


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