Thursday, September 8, 2011


This is my Li'l Bit. She is almost 4 (not that I'm rushing it), and is being home schooled right now, so she gets to stay home with mommy! :) This child is a make-mud-pies-in-the-rain-while-wearing-my-best-dress kind of gal. In other words, she is a tomboy with a pricess streak. (Or is it a princess with a tomboy streak?) Her hair is very tightly curled, and extremely thirsty. I estimate her hair to be 4b with some 4c....but the front and ends are more of a 3a.  Right now we wash her hair weekly, maybe every 10 days or so as long as there has not been any mud pie making going on! (Somehow, it always ends up in her hair?!) OH!! And my dog's ear is on the side of the screen. She didn't quite make it into the picture. :)

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